HelloFlo Subscription Review


I recently signed up for a new subscription called HelloFlo. In short you sign up, choose what kind of combo you want depending on what you prefer, set up when your last period was, and each month they send you what you need for your period.

There are different combo options that have tampons, pads, panty liners etc...I went with the box that just had tampons since I don't wear pads or panty liners.

Here is what came in my HelloFlo box!


The package comes in a very discreet plain box and they wrap it all cute and include a little note for you about the candy that is featured that month. They give you different candy in your package each month! Awesome!


What I absolutely love is that they include a yummy unique treat in every box! On the note they tell you a little bit about the treat. This months were Cocomels which were SO! GOOD! They are vegan, gluten, and corn syrup free which I loved! Stuff like that really impresses me! They are made with coconut milk and they are delicious! Dear god they were fantastic! 


Here's my lovely tampons...Glad they have organic! I have been on the hunt for a while and the stores near my house don't have any. This is one of the main reasons I signed up for HelloFlo! Its a pain to have to drive forever around to find organic tampons, so the convenience of having someone just send them right to me is just great!

Your first time around they send this adorable handmade reversible bag to put your stuff in :) Ahhh!


I got my package a few days before my period and I waited to eat my Cocomels until I started, this is the first month I have actually been excited to start my period! Little things like this make having your period each month not so bad, it made me feel loved and special and now that I am almost done with this months period I cant wait to see what unique candy comes next month!

I absolutely LOVE HelloFlo! I think this idea is wonderful and I am so glad that I heard about it! Its a great company, a great idea, I love the concept, I love that they include some snacks and put time and love into each package, I love that it is founded by a kick ass women who understands the importance of the little details like organic, vegan, gluten free, etc...Thank you Naama for taking appreciation in that! It makes it easier for those of us who also see the importance in those things!

Check out their website! http://helloflo.com/

Watch their video Camp Gyno and check out the different subscriptions they have. If you have a little girl that's close to starting her period check out there "Period Starter Kit". This is just the cherry on top of why I LOVE HELLO FLO! Again genius idea!

-Magnolia Rose