HowTo Grow Out A Pixie Cut!

I have been documenting my growing pains since May of 2013. There is not a lot of resources out there that involve pictures for growing it out successfully and we all go through a mullet phase which sucks! Growing out a pixie isn't the most glamorous thing in the world but there are ways to make it look less stupid without using extensions :)

I decided to chop it off because I was bored and wanted something new! I have always had long hair but it's got a mind of its own and was either up in a ponytail or pissing me off so I chopped it. I did it in pieces because I wasn't ballsy enough to go from long to pixie! I chopped 15 inches off and rocked a short a-line for about 6 months.

I donated 15 inches which is something I have always wanted to do. Once the a-line got boring I chopped it into a pixie!

What I LOVE about pixie hair cuts is they are so versatile, easy to do, and fun! The confidence that comes from cutting all of your hair off is worth it! I definitely had times where I was super bummed out that I had cut it but for the most part I loved it! Theres something about having your face totally exposed that forces you to carry yourself in a comfortable and confident way. You no longer have hair to hide behind so you just learn not to hide.

I think girls are too particular about their hair. While having my pixie almost every female that complimented me also said they wished they could do it...People! Its hair. It will grow back, you can and should do it! If you're not ready to chop it all off do it in pieces like I did. It makes it less dramatic to ease into it.

SO! When I decided I was ready to start growing it out, it was because I was bored again (haha). I now know what works best for my face shape and features and what I personally like the best!

In the search to find inspiration for growing it out successfully, I didnt find much. I think most people avoid taking pictures during their awkward phase and/or they just wear hats to hide the awkwardness. Every pic below is 2 weeks apart.

Heres how to grow out your pixie without looking like a total douche bag! (WITH PICTURES) 

The trick is to let it do it's thing while trimming the back enough to where it eventually evens out. For some reason hair grows more in the back then the front (or at least thats how it was for me). Once it got to a point where I could put it behind my ears I just worked on growing it out EVEN everywhere. Meaning trimming the back and framing the front since the front was slow and annoying. This for me was when it really started to look mullet-ish. Just keep pushing that shit behind your ears and buy some super cute hats! 

After it grew about half an inch I chopped it into a short blunt bob because it was such a 20's style cut that I actually really liked. It was way better than the awkward un-even cut. It worked perfect since the front was growing soooooo slow!

Then you just wait, trim, wait, trim, wait trim....

After my flapper hair grew another inch I chopped the back super short and its now exactly where I want it! I plan on having this cut for a while! I love it! By far my favorite hair cut I have ever had :)


A few tips and tricks!

-Take your vitamins! The one I am taking includes biotin which is essential for kickstarting the hair growing process! Giving your body what it needs will help your hair grow naturally :) 

-Lots of water to flush out toxins and a diet rich in protein help as well! You want your hair to grow strong and healthy so having toxins in your body or not eating a healthy diet isn't helping you out. Think long term! 

-Essential oils will help stimulate your hair! I suggest using 3 drops of Lavender, Rosemary and Cedar wood! I put mine into a glass spray bottle along with some fractionated coconut oil, rub it into my hair and then rinse in the shower!

-Avoid blow drying your hair and/or styling it with a flat iron. If you do use a heat protector. 

-Be patient and wear hats! 

I hope this was helpful for any of you wanting to cut, grow, or maintain your pixie! 

-Magnolia Rose