MCM Day 24: "Kindness created me kind"


How is everyone doing today? How is your energy? Your inner dialogue? Your external dialogue? How are you treating those around you? Are you kind to others? To yourself? Both?

The affirmation “kindness created me kind” comes from A Course In Miracles. Its a reminder that we came from a loving, kind place and that through thoughts of kindness we will remember our truth.

This simple affirmation is powerful because it reconnects us to what matters, it removes all fear that creates separation and it brings us back home.

For me kindness comes down to understanding, where there is a lack of kindness there is a lack of understanding.

In a world where you can be anything.

Be kind.

-Magnolia Rose

MCM Day 23: "Inner guide, I ask that you help me see everyone as equal."


Welcome to Monday. Yesterday we witnessed our behavior of attack, comparison and judgment of others. Today we ask our inner guide for help in moving past these behaviors.

Ask your inner guide for guidance, ask your guide to teach you to perceive everyone as equal and to see everyone as love.

Pay attention to your relationships today, how you communicate with those around you, how you perceive them, feel towards them and treat them.

Set your alarms, set your backgrounds, check into the group throughout the day, share on social media and have a fabulous day!!

Much love,

-Magnolia Rose