Day 5 - February Relationship Series - Q&A with Kelsey

Its Friday and day 5 of our relationship series! 

Today I am sharing my Q&A with a cute family friend of mine named Kelsey. Her relationship with Kenzi is adorable - they have been together since High School and have really grown with each other.  I appreciate Kelsey being open with some of the struggles they have faced throughout the years and I admire her self awareness. Taking accountability for your mistakes is bad ass! 

Although I dont see Kelsey very often it has been cool to see her blossom into the beautiful babe she is today. I hope you enjoy her answers as much as I do. Much love to you Kelsey and Kenzi I adore both of you! 

Q&A with Kelsey 

1. What is the status of your current relationship?

I am married!

2. How long have you been together?

In September it will be 5 years. We have been married for 3 months.

3. How did you meet? 

I used to like her Cousin Alex, and Kenzi added me on Myspace (when it was cool haha). We started talking and decided one night to finally hang out.

4. Do you feel the same way you felt for your partner at the beginning of the relationship? If not, whats changed?

I feel differently, but in a good way. It has gotten a lot harder since the beginning don’t get me wrong, but I have grown a new found respect and love for Kenzi that I did not have when we first met. Kenzi deals with severe anxiety and OCD and I have learned to help her, and also deal with it with her as her wife. I know that if it were me I would not be able to handle it as well as she does. And when I first met her I did not know that she had this and dealt with it everyday. I love her more for being her true honest self with me, than I did when we first started dating.

5. Define commitment:

Commitment does not necessarily mean marriage. But I think it means staying faithful to one person, and giving them your undivided love and attention as a significant other. Always trying to better the relationship and to show you care for that person and that you feel so strongly that you don’t want to be with anyone else.

6. What makes your relationship unique?

We are SO WEIRD! Haha but it makes us so happy just being weird and silly together. I am sure every couple has that, but for us it just feels so different. And we talk about poop A LOT! Hahaha.

7. What has been the most difficult challenge in the relationship?

I lied to Kenzi for about a year ish of our relationship because I was talking to my ex boyfriend and she found out and for some reason I think that put our relationship into perspective for me and made me realize I did not want to lose her over some dumb boy I dated for 10 months. She chose to forgive me and I had to earn her trust back.

8. What is the most rewarding aspect of the relationship?

Achieving goals together and knowing I will always have someone to come home to and tell her how my day was and feel her support.

9. Define unconditional love:

There is not condition that would make me not love her. I would love her no matter what.

10. How important to you, is honesty and trust in relationships? Share your reason for your answer.

It is very important, and I totally broke that in my relationship. I was young and stupid and I have learned that lying does nobody any good and you should always tell the truth, even if it is hard for you to say. I also can say that earning trust is hard to do, but if you choose to forgive your spouse you need to forgive them and not hang their mistake over their head forever.

11. How important to you, is communication in relationships? Share your reason for your answer.

Communication is KEY! If you can not communicate your feelings to one another you will always be fighting or never truly talking about your feelings. Kenzi and I have learned this the hard way, but if you can communicate you are so much better off.

12. How do you think fear effects relationships?

I think everyone is afraid of getting hurt, but if you let fear dictate everything you do, you will never truly live your life and you will also never know the bliss and happiness of really being in love and vulnerable.

13. What is your greatest fear about your relationship or relationships going forward?

That I won’t be able to have a baby, and I know Kenzi does not want to carry and adoption could be a long wait. Also, that we will never learn to save money and spend wisely.

14. What have you sacrificed in your relationship?

Time with friends and family.

15. How have you personally grown/what have you learned form the relationship?

I have grown to be a more patient person, and I have become more understanding of OCD and anxiety. I have also learned to love myself for who I am!

16. Any regrets? 

I regret making Kenzi my main priority in high school instead of doing really well in school so I could have gone to college, and also spent more time with friends in high school my senior year.

17. Greatest advice someone ever gave you about relationships?

If you choose to forgive someone, forgive them. Don’t make them feel bad for it forever. And never go to bed angry with each other, always treat your significant other with respect and kindness.

18. What do you think of the saying "you cant learn to love anyone else, unless you love yourself"

I like that, but I don’t know if that is necessarily true because I have learned to love myself with Kenzi and together by working towards being healthy together. So I think that works for some people, in my relationship I don’t know if that applies.

19. What do you love most about yourself? 

I am kind and compassionate for everyone and everything. I love my ability to be positive about almost every single thing!

20. What are your hopes going forward and what do you most look forward to?

I hope to be successful in my career path and also save enough money so that Kenzi and I can have a baby and not be worried financially. I hope to just continue to be happy in the future with Kenzi.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 

Much love, 

-Magnolia Rose