Day 10 - February Relationship Series - Josh & I

Happy Valentines Day! Its here. The day of love. I hope you all had a chance to do something for YOU today & I hope you all had a fantastic day expressing your LOVE. 

Today, I fill out my own Q&A. Enjoy! 

1. What is the status of your current relationship?


2. How long have you been together?

7 years - married 5

3. How did you meet? 

I was semi dating one of Joshs good friends. We went & got slurpees & drove around for a few hours. I fell in love with Joshs humor & big blue eyes! We later went on a triple date to Applebees & bonded over Spinach & Artichoke dip while everyone else sat quietly. We hit it off immediately.  

4. Do you feel the same way you felt for your partner at the beginning of the relationship? If not, whats changed?

No. Relationships evolve & people change throughout the years. I still adore Josh but our relationship as well as us as individuals has totally changed.

Its just a different vibe & different tone. Throughout the years I have seen Joshs best & worst times & vice versa. I think being by someones side during those times, deepens the love & commitment you have for each other. 

In no way is it the same as when we first fell in love. It is way move secure & forgiving. 

5. Define commitment:

Commitment to me is dedication & loyalty. Being emotionally invested. 

6. What makes your relationship unique?

-Josh & I got together when we were 17 & 18. We have grown up together.

-We know how to have fun & we have the greatest inside jokes. Most of our conversations consist of quotes & jokes. We are always laughing! 

-We are also total opposites in so many ways! 

7. What has been the most difficult challenge in the relationship?

Working out the kinks whilst the two of us grow up.

The first 3 years of our relationship I was young & insecure, I had my immaturities along the road to self discovery that really impacted our relationship. The last 3 years of our relationship Josh has made some really dumb decisions in his journey to self discovery. We, together have had to work through so many struggles while growing, evolving, changing, & discovering ourselves as individuals. 

8. What is the most rewarding aspect of the relationship?

The friendship, Josh is my best friend. I adore being by his side while we both blossom into bad ass human beings. 

9. Define unconditional love:

My grandma is straight up the greatest example of this. Shout out to her! 

Unconditional love is simple yet so difficult for so many people to understand. Its loving someone with NO conditions.

It would be like someone who enjoys hiking no matter what the weather is. They love hiking unconditionally that the conditions of the hike dont change their love for it. Sunny or shitty weather, it doesn't matter to someone who loves hiking unconditionally. 

10. How important to you, is honesty and trust in relationships? Share your reason for your answer.

This is huge for me. Honesty is THE most important characteristic to me. Lying is selfish & cowardly. Lying creates a lack of trust & a lack of respect. Everyone makes mistakes & everyone has embarrassments. When you are in a relationship you get the privilege of seeing the good as well as the bad. It is what makes us human. There is no need to be ashamed of that. With no shame - there is no need to be dishonest.

In my mind when someone is dishonest in a relationship it tells me that they are full of shame. They lack love & respect for themselves as well as the person they are lying to. 

My reason for this is because I have been lied to in many relationships & I personally choose to live my life very openly, honestly, & authentically with integrity.

It is more painful to deal with the lack of love & respect on top of whatever the issue is, than to just deal with whatever the issue is in the first place. Two wrongs dont make a right. Be honest always. 

Without trust in your relationship you miss out. I have trust issues so I know first hand how living in constant anxiety & a lack of trust effects any relationship as well as your happiness. 

Lack of trust effects both people involved. It is so much better to live in a union together, working together, committed to each other & putting your trust out there.

Although it can be uncomfortable & easy to feel they dont deserve your trust. If you dont take a leap of faith & practice trusting you wont EVER have a trusting relationship. For one to earn trust it must first be given. 

11. How important to you, is communication in relationships? Share your reason for your answer.

Communication is necessary for a successful relationship. It is up there with honesty. If you aren't communicating you aren't really being honest. Communication keeps you on the same page & expression is so important! 

12. How do you think fear effects relationships?

Dear god, fear is the worst! Fear to me stands for Fuck Everything And Run. And that doesnt sound like a successful relationship to me. 

13. What is your greatest fear about your relationship?

I have reach a point where I honestly dont have any. Everything I have ever been fearful of manifested itself. I have reached a point were I trust the universe completely & am totally unattached to the outcome. 

14. What have you sacrificed in your relationship?

Petty things like when I want Cheesecake Factory to go & Josh doesnt. Haha! I am kidding although I am partially serious.

There are times that I "sacrifice" my expression or my feelings for him to express himself. I view it more like taking turns which is what works for us. I dont view it as a sacrifice. In relationships you have to share, you have to take turns, & sometimes you just have to be the stronger person when someone is hurting. Its an opportunity to love & support your loved one. 

15. What do you think of gender stereotypes?

Blah. Such a dumb topic. Its not my thing & its different for every couple. What works for one couple doesnt work for another. Josh & I focus on each others strengths not what one of us should do based on gender stereotypes. 

Sure I appreciate when Josh opens my door but if we walk into a building with two doors, I always grab the second one for him. When its freezing outside we are both equally running to the car for warmth. 

16. How have you personally grown/what have you learned form the relationship?

I have grown into who I am today. They say our relationships are our greatest mirrors. Josh & I have both grown so much being together! I have learned so much about myself & about him. 

Communication. Honesty. Trust. Fear. < All topics we have covered throughout the years

17. Any regrets? 

Not listening to my intuition. 

18. Greatest advice someone ever gave you about relationships?

"A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other" 

19. What do you think of the saying "you cant learn to love anyone else, unless you love yourself"

I dont think this is true. I loved Josh before I really loved myself. I do love Josh more now that I have self love. But being with Josh gave me a safe haven to blossom into who I am now, self love came with that. 

With that being said, I dont think you can love others & hate yourself. There needs to be a presence of love in order to give love. 

20. What do you love most about yourself? 

That I am strong, honest, authentic, opinionated, & loud. I am super sensitive & incredibly empathetic. I love that I am always striving for self improvement & I am committed/invested in my journey on this earth. I love my sarcasm & my sense of humor. I love how I see the world & my spirituality. I love how expressive & creative I am. I love that these qualities will make me a bad ass mom for my future babies. 

21. What are your hopes going forward and what do you most look forward to?

Babies! YASSS! I cant wait to be a mom, although Josh & I are not there quite yet. I look forward to continuing the journey of life while each of us continue to grow & evolve.

I love all of you! I hope you enjoyed this series & it provided some insight on how relationships work. We are all different, there is no RIGHT or WRONG way to do things. Lets celebrate our differences, continue on our journey, always strive for improvement, & choose to see love & light in everyone!  

Much love, 

- Magnolia Rose