Day 9 - SELF LOVE -

As many of you know Self Love is one of my very favorite topics. I truly believe it is the core of EVERYTHING. Self Love, like every relationship is a daily commitment. If you are dedicated to your happiness (and you should be) then I would hop on the Self Love bandwagon! 

With Valentines Day around the corner and plans being made whether you are single or in a relationship. I seriously encourage ALL of you to do something for yourself. You do NOT need another person to fill your love bucket. You, yourself are perfectly capable. 

I knew that at some point in this series Self Love would be a topic. Getting on YouTube today I watched Gabrielle Bernsteins video and thought "this needs to be shared". Its simple and straight to the point. 

If you are just now hearing of Gabrielle Bernstein than I feel honored to have introduced you. She is my go to Guru and someone I really admire. Her no bullshit view on life is something I dig and just like me she has a total potty mouth. Needless to say she is one of my favorites and her message is something I stand by 100%.

I am really fucking proud to be a SPIRIT JUNKIE! 

"Bring more love into your life" 

-Write yourself a LOVE letter

-Send yourself some flowers

-Make yourself a meal

-Go get a massage 

-Read a good book

-Go for a hike

-Get yourself some dessert, chocolate, your favorite treat! 

Valentines Day is this Sunday so if you are a frequent flyer on my Instagram then you know I am going to suggest taking a bath! I cherish my Sunday bath rituals and you bet your ass I will partaking in Self Love Sunday this Valentines Day! 

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Much love to all of you, 

-Magnolia Rose