February Relationship Series

And just like that January is over and the month of love is here! 

I dig February, its one of my favorite months and honestly Valentines day really has nothing to do with it. SELF LOVE is my favorite topic and in the last couple years its something I have really mastered! 

I also find relationships incredibly interesting. People are funny and with the divorce rate where its at and growing I often wonder why some relationships really work and others dont.

As some of you may know, the year 2015 was a S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E. There were many tough times throughout the year but my relationship definitely takes the cake. 

I spent many sleepless nights researching relationships. 

"What makes one couple stick together no matter what vs another who abandons the relationship during its dark times?"

"Why does love fizzle out over the years with some whilst others grow stronger?"

"Is it better to grow up together, getting married young or wait until you are older, wiser, more matured?"

"Whats considered "normal" and whats not?"

"Where is the line between fantasy and reality?"

What I mostly found were people bragging about their "perfect" relationship. Doing there best to really keep the instagram filter on nice and tight. 

There was also a decent amount of people (women especially) lowering their self worth for their spouse. This I found odd. Many people on this earth really lack self love, they totally sacrifice themselves for their other half and/or they settle because the world is harsh enough as it is to face alone. They "NEED" someone. 

And of course you always have the feminists. 

I got really frustrated with the lack of REAL information out there. Everything I found was on one end of the (very dramatic) spectrum. I wanted real stories, honest stories, ones I could look at and learn from.

The problem is, its hard to find people who want to share there details, we live in a world that is totally filtered when what we really need is an honest connection. 

I reached out to friends, family and some fellow bloggers. I wondered who would be interested in taking a relationship quiz . An honest relationship quiz that gives relationship interested people (like me) an inside look at their lives with no filter on. 

After receiving loads of responses and interest around the topic I sent out the questions to 20+ people. 

After reading everyones responses I learned two things.

1. No relationship is the same.


2. Besides self love, I dont think there is one solid piece of advice, secret, and/or trick to keeping a relationship going. What works for one couple doesn't work for another. 


So what makes me "qualified" to talk relationships. Probably not what you have in mind. I am of the wee age of 23, ive been married for 5 years, my parents are divorced, ive spent way to much time in therapy, and ive struggled with many relationships over the years. I am authentic, honest, interested in self improvement, and I find human beings fascinating < THAT is why I am "qualified" to chat relationships. 

SO! If this is a topic that tickles your fancy, stay tuned for the next 14 days! Every day leading up to Valentines day you will get a new blog post. Somedays you will get topics on self love, other days will be date ideas for Valentines day, resources from my favorite bloggers/authors, and of course the Q&A I am referring to. 

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I am excited to share with you over the next 14 days! 

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose