2017 - Set Yourself Up for Success

With the new year right around the corner, this week is a great time for a little reflection. Many of you might have been planning your New Year goals way in advance, months ago. Many of you are starting to think about it now and many of you like to wait for New Years Eve or even New Years day. Wherever you are at in the process of your New Years resolution/reflection, I wanted to let you in on a little secret that really works and will surely set you up for success. 

The M word. Its strong like the F word and has the power to change your life. Next to the F word, its on my favorite word. Its also something we FULL control over and you can have a lot of fun with.


Simply put "your thoughts create your reality". This concept is nothing new, its been translated many times to many groups in many different ways and formats. This is great because its found everywhere and you can find a dialogue that speaks to you. Its NOT some hippie magic exclusive to us light workers. I personally infuse my hippie vibe into this concept because thats what works for me, I will definitely use words like universe, energy, spirit, vibe etc...because its the way I think and how I relate. Regardless of what resource you find, what dialogue you identify with, or what guru you go with - the concept is the same.

"Your thoughts create your reality" 

This is 100% true. Its a fact, there is no changing it.

Your beliefs become your thoughts, those thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, habits are created from those actions, those habits become your values, those values create your intentions, your intentions make up your energy, and your energy is in everything you do. Your attitude is made up of that energy and that energy creates your reality.

"Energy flows where your intention goes" 

I believe EVERYTHING has energy, everything around us. All of it. You are always radiating energy. You are always putting something out there. Something being your energy, and out there being the universe/those around you. 

Make sense? 

SO! As we are in self reflection mode saying farewell to 2016 and hello to 2017 lets look at our personal dialogue, aka our thoughts, aka our energy. 

Judging by social media - 2016 was a rough year for many of you. Hating on 2016 has become a popular social media trend, hashtag, T-shirt idea, etc...The blunt truth: Hating on 2016 will keep you stuck in the same cycle you found yourself in, in 2016 that caused you to hate 2016 in the first place. 

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If you want 2017 to be different your thoughts need to be different. 

Although I say that bluntly with complete confidence that your reality about 2016 will most definitely be your reality in 2017, I also dont want to take away from those of you who might be hurting or still grieving through some of the difficulty that came from 2016.

Understand that this topic is something I am very familiar with and that what 2016 was for you is what 2015 was for me. Ive been there and I feel for you, my intention is to help guide you the same way others helped guide me. Together we can rearrange your perspective - change your thoughts, attitude, and dialogue - and move positively forward with a fresh new perspective into the new year. 

Maybe in the year 2016 you experienced loss, change, fear, doubt - all of the above, etc...whatever happened, happened. Its over, its done, its in the past. Honor where you have been, where you are at now, take a breath, and lets move on. Lets manifest some magic in 2017 by reorganizing our thoughts. 

"The universe does not know the difference between past, present, and future. It is always responding to your current feelings and delivering you more of the same" 

In the last few years I have learned a lot about the art of acceptance. I have mastered the art of manifestation and I have developed a really kick ass relationship with the universe, my spirit, my many guides, and myself. My journey of self discovery continues and I approach every "loss, change, fear and doubt" as an opportunity rather than a disappointment. Its no longer defeat - its acceptance and its really beautiful. By changing my energy around those difficult experiences I have manifested a really great life that I am proud of and excited about.  

So how do we turn things like loss, change, fear, and doubt into opportunity? How exactly do we make those positive? 

We change our dialogue, our attitude, and our thinking. Like I mentioned above....Beliefs become our thoughts - thoughts become our words - words become our actions - actions become habits - habits become your values - values create our intentions - our intentions make up our energy - our energy creates our reality. 

We start by changing our thoughts. That is the first step. I'll give you some bad ass examples using the difficulties mentioned above...


This is a tough one. It can be so difficult to make "loss" positive. In the last few years I "lost" my grandma, my marriage, my dad, my sweet Uncle and multiple friendships that mean the world to me. But in no way did I lose anything < theres your change of attitude.

I could easily play the victim, stay stuck, complaining about the hard times I faced. I could focus on the depression I experienced and how much time was wasted in poor choices and pathetic relationships OR I can get real about it and focus on all the positive opportunity available to me by a simple shift in perspective. 

With my sweet grandma and Uncle Tim passing over into a new youthful life, I GAINED the most beautiful, loving, powerful spirit guides that continue to root for me everyday. They just do it from a different location and in a different way. I gained a deeper appreciation for life and the precious time we have with our loved ones. I gained a new sister and really special friendship with my Aunt Lisa. 

With the "loss" of my ex I GAINED my life back. I let go of a very toxic relationship and the universe helped get me to where I am now by focusing on positivity and detoxing those bad vibes out of my life. I gained countless perspective, clarity, and a fresh new energy through letting all that go. Through this detox I "lost" many friends and (with the exception of a few) his whole family. I said goodbye to many but in no way did I "lose" anything or anyone.

I GAINED a new family, a new circle of friends and a deeper love for the true friends and family that continue to keep in touch.

I manifested Mason by focusing on what I wanted out of life and out of a relationship, I worked my ass off on my personal issues looking deeply into the kind of person I wanted to be. I went on a personal self love journey for 2 years and figured myself out. I focused on the positive possibilities and opportunities rather than what I didnt have, what I had lost, or what I wasnt getting. I read "May Cause Miracles" by Gabrielle Bernstein at the beginning of 2016 and realized how much of my life was glued together by fear. I made a leap of faith and reorganized my life just like I had done my thoughts and as life detoxed itself everything worked out.

Together we are starting our own family. Through what would be considered a massive "loss" I gained WAY MORE than I ever could have imagined and coming spring 2017 I get the opportunity of being a mama to our little love, Leona Rose. 

Through the "loss" of my father I learned the very important art of forgiveness. I love the memories we have together and will forever cherish those few years I had my dad in my life. I am very thankful for what traits I got from him. My sense of humor - appreciation for quotes - love of accents and funny voices - and an unapologetic ability to look forward positively - those are all things I got from him.

I genuinely hope one day he can connect inward and begin the journey of love and light - until then I forgive him every time he is brought up, I send love and light his way and choose to focus on the positive. 

In all these experiences we get to choose how we react. Your energy decides if they are a negative loss or a positive opportunity.  


Oh man have I gotten good at this. And how great is it that I can say that positively with it being a good thing. Change is the only constant. Learning to embrace it and look forward to it with an open mind, heart, and welcoming attitude is rad and something I wish for everyone.

Mastering change naturally comes from lots of "loss" but I think I got good at this one from 5 moves in under 6 months...Between where I was sleeping and where I was storing all my shit I became very comfortable with change. I am also baller at cleaning and re organizing any space over and over and over again and I no longer hoard things that have or once had an emotional attachment. Ive learned to hold onto the positive memory and let go of the physical object. 

I am thankful for this tool because our world is consistently changing, being adaptable but balanced in our values is rad. With a baby on the way and parenting fast approaching I think being adaptable and flexible is a very valuable gift. 

Staying graceful and calm while change does its best to be chaotic is way more fun than giving into that chaos and letting it control you. 

The more you can learn to LOVE change, the more you will embrace it. In turn it will become your friend rather than your enemy. It all has to do with your attitude about it. 


And heres where this gets super fun! When you change your perspective, your dialogue, your attitude, and thus your energy - there is no longer room for these two gems. This really fun way of thinking is fueled solely on confidence and love. You are no longer fueling fear, you are fueling love and love only - therefore you have no reason to doubt anything.

At this point in the process, you gain that kick ass relationship I was referring to with both yourself and the universe. You can truly trust that everything around you is happening with only the highest intentions and only good can come from all of it. 

As simple of a concept it is, we tend to over complicate it. Dont make it messy. Just watch your words, your dialogue, and your energy. Start there and the rest will manifest on its own. 

Truthfully, you are going to have another year like 2016, you are going to continue to experience loss, change, fear, and doubt. Even those of us who feel we have mastered the art of manifestation will still experience these very normal, real, earthly experiences that make us human.

Just because you "find yourself" and gain a really great way of thinking, being, and living doesn't mean shit ever stops hitting the fan. What changes is that instead of it being metaphorical shit it starts to look like glitter - really fabulous, magical glitter that smells like opportunity. 

Negativity exists and always will, I have negative moments daily just like everybody else. Ive just gotten really good at reorganizing my thoughts, finding the positive, and focusing on that. Its a choice I make daily and you can make it too! 

My hope is that this tool is something you keep in your back pocket knowing it is available to you at all times. I hope that in 2017 you become familiar with it enough that you begin making rad changes and life becomes a super fun experience even when you are "struggling".

With your thoughts being your reality and you having full control over your thoughts, you have full control over your reality. 

What will your reality be in 2017? What are your goals? What are you stepping into and what are you letting go of?  

As you write down your goals or log them away into your brain, look at the dialogue and words you are using. Is it infused with love or fear? Lack or gratitude? What is the energy behind your goal?  

Instead of "I want to lose weight" how about "I want to nourish my body and feel totally awesome everyday". Infuse positive intentions into every meal you eat and ask that it nourish your body. Only speak positively about your body and the topic. And every time you have a negative thought, honor where you are at/how you are feeling, let it go, and replace it with positivity. Remember that what you focus on is what you create, it is that simple and it is that powerful. Change your thoughts and you will change your life. 

Manifesting is a topic you can expect from me OFTEN in the year 2017. Its a topic I absolutely adore because its completely changed my life and its something I feel you really need to hear.

The world needs a little thought reorganizing and I genuinely feel I would be doing you a disservice in not talking about it. 

I love you all dearly, I am thankful for each and every one of you. I am excited for what 2017 has to offer and I cant wait to step into this next year fully with everything I have learned over the last few years. I am grateful for every struggle because it pushed me towards the right people, the right books, my gurus, my guides, my man, and my baby. 

Cheers to 2016 and every fabulous year that came before it. 

Much love, 

-Magnolia Rose