5 New Products From COVERGIRL

If you are anything like me you LOVE testing out new products. Its fun to discover a new favorite from trying something different. On that note I am so super excited to share my very honest review of some NEW Covergirl products from their new Bloom Collection

Eye Shadow Quad

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 1.10.21 PM.png

First up is the eyeshadow quad. This product was equally good and bad.

The first two colors were awesome and if they made a eyeshadow duo of those two colors I would definitely buy it. The last two colors were just kinda blah.

The pigment in the first two were surprisingly really great, honestly I didn't expect them to be as pigmented as they ended up being.

The last two are a weak brown and a dark brown that go on really transparent looking. I have mixed feelings about whether or not I would recommend this eyeshadow pallet. I think the first two colors are great, but to spend $7.99 on a pallet to only use the first two and waste the last two is a waste of money in my opinion. 

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara 

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.51.12 PM.png

If you are familiar with my YouTube channel you will know that I have my favorite mascara and I talk about it often. I have tried a few different mascaras in the last year but havent yet found anything that lives up to my crazy high expectations. My first impression of the Lash Bloom Mascara was surprising. 

I feel like a lot of mascaras are trying to be super in your face about volume, thickness, and length. What about a natural, soft, pretty, look? I am all about a dramatic eye but there are days (mainly during the work week) I tend to avoid mascara all together because I would rather rock a more natural look. The point is, I want options and I want to change it up depending on how I am feeling that day. 

I was super impressed with this mascara. The packaging is adorable, the wand is incredible, it goes on clean and easy, and my lashes feel amazing after. I feel like when I use this mascara I am cleaning up my lashes. The greatest thing for me about this mascara is it doesn't clump, flake, or feel crispy. 

If you are wanting a really naturally pretty lash look I would definitely recommend this mascara. Its one that makes your lashes naturally look amazing! 

Colorlicious Lipstick

I got two of these lipsticks. The first one is the hot pink pictured above and the caramel kiss pictured below. 

I feel like these lipsticks are super moisturizing and go on really smooth. Im really impressed with the formula and I absolutely LOVE the caramel kiss lipstick color. Again its got a really natural look to it with a hint of warm color and shimmer. Perfect for a natural everyday lipstick. The hot pink one is just not my color and if I am going to go such a vibrant route I want it to be matte. The pink shimmer was a little too barbie for me.

On that note I would definitely recommend the Colorlicious Lipstick as a great drugstore lipstick.

Bombshell Pow-Der Brow + Liner 

They say you save the best for last right? Wrong. I'll give Covergirl a high five for trying to be innovative but this product is awful. 

As soon as I took it out of the bottle it was a problem. The Pow-Der-Brow + Liner is a little sponge that you dip into a container of powder and apply to your eyebrows and/or eyes. The first problem is the wand itself, your tool for doing this is a soft sponge. The second problem is the formula, its a messy powder. 

Needless to say this product was messy to use and it went on thick like a marker. At least the marker would have been easier to use, less messy, and would have gone on in a straight line. Oh and did I mention it smears?

This product was just incredibly bad. I did one brow and ended up going in with my Anastasia Brow Pencil to clean it up, then I just did my other brow with my Anastasia products. 

In the photo below the Covergirl fail is on the left and my normal brow routine is on the right. As you will notice the lines on the left bottom part of my brow are wavy, the top is smeared, and the color lacks depth. 

I would not recommend this product. 

I hope this review was helpful if you are looking at purchasing any of these products! If you would like to see me using these products check out my video below! 

Also! Check out Covergirls Bloom Collection HERE!

Much Love! 

Magnolia Rose

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me complimentary for testing and review. 

All photos were taken by me with the exception of the Eyeshadow Quad that is directly from the Covergirl website.