I cant believe its already that time of year! Its December, which means VLOGMAS is happening! 

VLOGMAS: a Christmas celebration that YouTubers participate in by "vlogging" (or video blogging) everyday until Christmas. 

If you are familiar with my YouTube channel (or really just my life in general) then you will know I don't participate in this celebration EVERYDAY! For me its a bit of a different tradition which involves me vlogging my weekend adventures. Honestly my weekdays are pretty boring.

This will be my second year participating in VLOGMAS & I am so excited. Its a fun challenge I look forward to during the month of December that pushes my creative energy & inspires my love for YouTube every week. 

So now that you know what VLOGMAS is & when to expect it from me, heres week 1. Enjoy! 

I will be posting each week to my blog as well as various social media sites. If you want to see it FIRST make sure to subscribe.

Much love!

-Magnolia Rose