Sticking To Your New Years Goals & Resolutions

We are all aware of the stereotype that comes along with New Years resolutions. More then ever this year I have heard people say they are committing to something and within the same sentence they shy away from it by cracking a joke about them not following through. I think the human tendency is to make a joke out of it, downplaying the seriousness of our goals/resolutions so that if we "fail" its not as embarrassing. 

It reminds me of one of the episodes of "The Office" where Pam introduces the Resolution board. Pam confesses that she took a sip of coffee that day even though her resolution was to drink less caffeine, but its ok because maybe by next year she will be down to one glass of iced tea a week. Even though Michael is upset about Holly in this episode what he says about resolutions makes a lot of sense. 

He gets up frantically and says he made a resolution to floss every day and he did it. Period. After hearing Kevins goal and shoving broccoli down his throat he makes his point. What I mean by this example is that if you want to do something then DO IT. Dont already set yourself up for failure by doubting yourself. 

Like Kevin says "Were not all Michael Freaking Scott". But that doesnt mean you cant stick to your goals. I know it can be tough so I have created some tips and tricks below to help you out! Ultimately you are your only obstacle when it comes to sticking to your New Years Resolutions, so get out of your own way!

Set your intention

I believe that the intention is everything! I wrote a little bit about the importance of setting an intention in "My Blog Intentions" post. The first step is to obviously set your intention. Whats your goal for this year and WHY? When you are laying there in bed not wanting to get up to work out remember this intention. Remember your "WHY". Always come back to this intention and let it be your driving force! Often in Yoga we think back to this intention at the start of our practice as well as throughout when we are in corpse pose or taking a break in down dog.

Set focused/realistic goals

I believe you can do anything you set your mind to. Setting realistic goals means taking your lifestyle, your budget, your schedule etc...into account. That doesnt mean that if you cant afford a gym membership because its not in the budget that you cant stick to your goals. You can make it work for you by working out at home. Instead of saying "I want to loose weight" focus your goal by saying I want to loose (X) amount of weight by June. Make it focused and make it work for you. 

Be adaptable 

Things naturally will come up throughout the day, week, month etc...that you cant change. This is when you need to give yourself some slack and do the best you can. That doesnt mean that when you get called into work or you get sick you give yourself a ton of reasons as to why you shouldnt stick with your work out routine. Its a great time to be adaptable. Lets say your work called you in early. Go to the gym earlier, move your day around a little bit, do a shorter workout for that day. Whats important is that you still stick to it.

What if you are sick and not feeling well. ADAPT. When I did my 30 day Yoga challenge there were times I wasnt feeling good, so I looked up a Yoga routine for when you are sick. It made me feel so much better and I stuck to my goal. Make it work for you and your situation.

Setting a schedule

For me it helps to have a schedule. Sunday night me and my hubby sat down and wrote out my schedule during the week. We added up how much time during the day I have after work is set aside and where in my schedule I needed to eat, have a snack, blog, edit etc...We customized it for my individual schedule making sticking to my goals easier and more attainable. I have this schedule hanging in my office and entered into my phone. I have also set up alarms in my phone with reminders so that I dont loose track of time. I think having a clear schedule can help you stick to your goals.

Acknowledge your efforts and your progress

Theres a saying about how you're the first to see your results and your friends and family wont see it for awhile. You need to be good to yourself, reward yourself, and give yourself a high five every once in a while. Dont rely on everyone else to give you the satisfaction you are seeking. Feel great about setting your goal. The fact that you want to better your life in some way is magical! Good for you! 

Dont forget to have fun

If you are no longer having fun with your goal its just going to be a pain in the ass to make it happen. Have fun with it! Maybe treat yourself to a "Self Love Sunday" at the end of the week after you have worked your ass off sticking to your goals. I think 30, 60, 90 day goals are great! How about after 60 days if you have stuck to your goal consistently you get yourself a new outfit. When I did my Yoga challenge in August my "reward" after 30 days of Yoga was a bunch of new Yoga clothes. And I was stoked when I got some crazy cool galaxy leggings that are rad. The point is to make this fun. Bettering yourself is absolutely awesome and sticking to your goals feels amazing. It should be fun!

I hope you found this post helpful! Comment below if you have some other tips/tricks that might help others out! 

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose