10 More Days Until Disneyland!

Yes we have a countdown to Disneyland. Josh and I are obsessed if you already didnt know! We go every year! We need a vacation bad so we planned a 2 day sprint trip with our two friends Michelle & David. 

So heres the scoop. We are flying early early Saturday morning to Cali, taking a shuttle straight from the airport to Disneyland, and acting like immature children from the time we get in the park until midnight when Disneyland closes.

Sunday we are doing a half day and then going straight from Disneyland to the airport around 4. Because of this sprint trip we are carrying our belongings with us. This means packing extremely light and only bringing the essentials. Being the fashion junky I am, I bought some cute things online that I will be pairing with things I already own to make this trip light in the outfit department. I wanted to share with you lovely peeps my most recent purchases. 

Because we are carrying everything we bring with us around the park I needed a new bag. I wanted a cute back pack that had a decent amount of pockets for quick access to things like phones, tickets, fast passes, money, etc... I picked out this little number from Forever21 which I am thrilled about! 

As you can see from the picture, its got just what I need pocket wise and its a great size. 

We are going during one of the colder Cali months so I needed a jacket. Something light for those occasions it gets a little chilly. I have always wanted a leather jacket because I love that it can add a little bit of edgy-ness to any outfit so I picked out this Hooded Moto Jacket from Forever21! 

Super cute! And the hood is detachable. From reviews I heard it ran a little small, so if you are digging this look and want the same jacket go up a size! 

Underneath this lovely jacket I will be rocking this Mickey Mouse shirt from Forever21.

I loved the length on this shirt and thought it would go really well with the other items I purchased. 

All items together were $76 and some change. I found a coupon code that you can use too! Check out coupons.com for your discount code. 

I will be wearing some basic jeans, my combat boots, the jacket, and the bag both days. On the other day I am wearing my favorite striped sweatshirt from JcPenney's MNG line.

Because its planned this way I only need to carry the one shirt around in my bag leaving it light and easy! AHHH! I am so stoked, in just 10 days we will be walking down Main Street, meeting our favorite Characters, dancing around the park, and drinking A LOT of coffee while listening to the sweet sounds of Disney. I cant wait! 

And if you were wondering, I will most definitely be vlogging this whole trip! So head on over to my YouTube Channel and subscribe so you are the first to see our next Disneyland adventure! 

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose

All pictures in this post are from Forever21 with the exception of the thumbnail.