This One's For YOU!

"The most important relationship in life is with yourself"

Self love seems to be a reoccurring topic in my life. With that said I think its a pretty important topic in all of our lives because so often we seek love and acceptance elsewhere and forget to love and accept ourselves. When I am having a hard time or feeling drained from negativity I have a hard time remembering this. Over the last few months I have collected self love quotes. These quotes I have saved as my desktop background and it automatically changes every day giving me a different message. Sometimes having the daily reminder of "hey it's ok, be positive, love yourself, your great" is just what I need. I felt a need to share.

Below are some of these photos. Enjoy!

Remember that YOU are great! YOU are loveable, YOU are loving, and YOU are loved. Choose love. Always.

Much love to you!

-Magnolia Rose

*Pictures found on pinterest