As many of you know I take on many side projects! I get bored easily and if I am not changing it up consistently I start to go nuts!

Between my part time job, photography, website design, doTERRA, blogging, and now vlogging I keep myself pretty busy! I recently took a break from photography because I was in that awkward phase many of us photographers have experienced where you make the switch from shooting for free to build your portfolio to making money from it.

I have had a hard time with this for a few reasons...

1.) I LOVE it! Photography fills me with so much love and joy that I feel guilty having someone pay me for it.

2.) The pressure involved in staying true to yourself and continuing to put your personal twist and style into every shoot can be difficult when you're worried about what other people think. I always want my customers to be happy with their pictures and the worry that they might not like it gives me anxiety. I just have to trust that when people hire me they hire me for ME and my style.

3.) Money makes things awkward! People get so used to you shooting for free that they expect it every time. This can be really difficult to get away from and it puts awkward blocks with friends and family. Everyone you have shot with in the past thinks it should be free.

4.) People think they are paying you for the time you take at the shoot. For some reason people forget about the hours you spend in Photoshop.

Because of these things I took a bit of a break from photography because it was frustrating.

So when a friend of ours asked me to take his engagement pictures I was nervous and excited! Below are some of my favorite pics from this shoot and some of my favorite pictures I have taken to date!


I cant thank Jamie, his beautiful wife Courtney and their sweet son Sander enough for bringing my excitement for photography back! Every once in a while us artists get blocked up and we need a little break. These cuties were just what I needed to get that creativity flowing again!

Shortly after shooting their engagements I took some pictures for one of the girls at my work who had just joined an agency and needed some head shots!

I hope you like the next few pics! She is absolutely without a doubt one of the most beautiful and well photographed kids I have ever had the pleasure of shooting!


One of the best feelings in the world is to create something that you are proud of. I am proud to put my name on these pictures and I am happy with how they turned out. Even though my confidence sometimes lacks I need to remember to just own it, be proud of it, flaunt it, and share it. I need to remember to trust in the process and to believe in myself as well as my art. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me from the very beginning and continues to support me in everything I do!


-Magnolia Rose