Weekend Highlights

This Thanksgiving/Weekend was amazing. It was filled with lots of love, snuggles, coffee, great food, and epic conversations. I am so grateful for the amazing people I have in my life and the huge support system I have! Shout out to a few peeps...Josh, Anj, and Michelle! I love you guys and feel so blessed to have you in my life!



This Thanksgiving Josh and I wanted to try out some tofurky for Thanksgiving. In the past we have just stuck with the mashed potatoes, bread, and veggies to keep things easy. But this year we wanted to try something new!

While our tofurky was cooking in the oven we watched our favorite show "The Office" and I painted my nails. Once it was done we taste tested the tofurky and wrapped it up to take over to his grandmas house. It was actually really good and those that tried it at dinner were pleasantly surprised.

Dinner was amazing, we had a great time chatting with his family and catching up. His lovely grandma is definitely the best cook! Everything was amazing and her home made pumpkin pie was crazy good!


The end of the night consisted of lots of snuggles and I treated myself to some Moscato while we watched movies and did some online black Friday shopping. It was a fantastic Thanksgiving! And I am so grateful to be surrounded by so much love! Josh is the love of my life and I am so grateful I get to share this journey with him.


Saturday Morning/Afternoon

My gal pal Michelle and I had a girls day Saturday! I was exhausted from Friday which was just busy busy so I actually slept through my alarm and woke up to my door bell haha! After a quick getting ready we went to a lovely place called Publik Coffee that Michelle suggested. It was amazing and filled with lots of good vibes!

We had a lot of fun! She's a goof so our conversations are pretty entertaining. After coffee and some pictures we went to Dancing Cranes and did some shopping. Then we did a quick thrift stop and after came back to my house for more epic conversation and some tarot readings. It was awesome. I love this girl! She is easily becoming one of my best buddies and I am super grateful she came into my life.


Saturday Night

Josh and I went over to my grandmas house and had a dessert party! We had tons of fun with my cute niece and nephews who are super silly and full of energy! Before the night ended we pulled names for Christmas gifts which I am so excited to start doing with my family again. I have really missed that tradition with my siblings. Again I am full of complete gratitude for the relationships I have in my life. We have all been through so much together and had plenty of rough times throughout the years but its great to see everyone together again!



We went to Cafe Niche for some yummy breakfast! Then we headed over to my sisters house. We ended up having more epic conversation and were over at her house for 7 hours! Every time I am with Anj the time fly's by! I am blessed to be around so many chatty people who have amazing wisdom to share. Anj is my best friend and I really am so lucky to have a bad ass sister who brings so much inspiration into my life!


I am so blessed in life and this Thanksgiving was an amazing reminder of that!

Much love to all of you! Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

-Magnolia Rose