Halloween Weekend

This past weekend was a great one, it was a little bit overwhelming at times because of the busy-ness going on. I am realizing that as I get older I HAVE to have a day of just being home one day of the week all day doing nothing or I just feel completely stressed and overwhelmed! 

Friday Josh and I went costume shopping because we are so so late every year! I purchased some cute kitty ears for my lion costume and Josh needed a top hat and a red jacket for his lion tamer costume. I think this year was one of our more creative costumes and one of the cheaper ones. We found an awesome red blazer at the thrift store which is such an epic find and the other items totaled to maybe $30 at Spirit Halloween. 

On our way home from costume shopping we picked up some pizza at Papa Murphy's and some Halloween movies from Target. We did a quick cleaning up of the house, showered, and started getting ready.

My inner makeup artist came out and I ended up doing a really intense kitty cat contour complete with a cat nose. I tweezed the shit out of my hair and wore all brown which was cheap and easy. A lion was born! 

Around 6:30 our good friends Daniel and Ashley came over. We had a blast! Ate a lot of pizza and a lot of candy! We watched Grave Encounters and Hocus Pocus while handing out candy to our cute neighbors. It was super fun but I definitely fell into a candy coma afterwords. 

Saturday Josh worked and I had a lunch date with my good friend Michelle. We met at Cafe Niche (surprise surprise, I am obsessed with that place!). It was awesome! Their drip coffee is to die for and I literally got so excited I spilled it all over my jeans! It is heaven in a glass! 

We were there for 4 hours having epic but very heavy conversations. I had a nail appointment I was running a little bit late for but needed to make a stop at home to fill the pups water and go to the bathroom.

My dogs have just learned that the garbage can has possible food options inside of it, and my very smart dog has learned how to get to it. Joy!

As soon as I walked in already in a hurry there was garbage spread throughout my kitchen, living room, and hallway. So after scurrying to get that cleaned up and feeling totally stressed out I canceled my nail appointment. I was so emotionally and physically exhausted I needed to just be at home, alone, quiet, in my thoughts...by myself.

I sat on the couch in silence for about an hour and then decided to turn on pandora and give myself a tarot reading. I pulled great cards and spent some time journalling and listening to music. It was good. 

I took a quick nap and then Josh got home around 5:30. We got ready and headed to Gateway Mall to pick up some film for my Fujimax Insta Camera from Urban Outfitters and some wallflowers from Bath & Body Works. 

We met up with Daniel and Ashley for sushi at Happy Sumo which was absolutely amazing! If you go there often get on their VIP newsletter list. We go in with the coupon on our phone and specific rolls are half off along with appetizers and desserts. The deals change depending on the day but we ended up getting 6 rolls, an appetizer, and 2 glasses of wine for less then $50! Its so worth it! And their sushi is amazing! 

Later that night Josh and I finished the last season of American Horror Story Coven which to be honest was not the best. I love AHS but this one had some really pointless footage and some details I just felt were dumb. I loved the witch theme they went with but I feel like it could have been better. 

Sunday we slept in, had breakfast, got Beans & Brews, and cleaned our car. Josh is looking at getting a new car, so we're posting an ad for our current car later this week to see what happens! Exciting! The car Josh is looking at getting is a fun one! More news on that later I am sure...

We headed to JC Penney because we both were in serious need of some new clothes. I have so many favorite cardigans that have holes in them, pockets missing, buttons missing etc...but they are so comfortable that I hate to give them up. I got some sweet stuff that I will be featuring on here later ;) so stay tuned! 

After some shopping we headed over to my grandmas house for dinner. My family is so independent and busy that we rarely get together which is so lame but when we do finally plan something its always a good time! 

When we got home we watched School Of Rock while putting away laundry. I organized my closet like crazy and got rid of so many clothes! It needed a deep clean out bad! 

Busy but great weekend! I hope you all had an amazing Halloween! 

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose