Getting Organized & Sticking To Your Goals

After a miserable week of being sick and unfortunately not sticking to any of my blogging/YouTube goals its time to get back into the groove of creativity. I still have a slight sore throat and a few sniffles here and there but I am ready for this week and feeling much better! 

Getting ready for the week is important for me because it adds structure to my life. It helps me stay on top of my goals and get shit done! Below is my routine for getting organized and making it happen! 


Mondays are my planning days. Every Monday I sit down at my rad vintage desk that was lovingly given to me by my amazing grandma. I have my cup of coffee in hand, glasses on, notebook out, and calendar open!

Its my goal to have three blog posts a week and one video. I have recently been toying with the idea of having two videos a week as well as three blog posts, so I am going to test it out for a while and see how I like it. Filming will start this week meaning next week you will see two videos!

The schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays and either Saturday or Sunday I blog. Tuesdays and Fridays I film and post videos. Thursdays I "study" as if I am in school. I am currently taking the online courses at Blog Academy so Thursdays are days to spruce up the blog, take notes, do some research etc....

I am extremely grateful to have a husband who works his ass off so that I can work part time which allows me the time to do this. I would not be able to commit to my dream if it wasn't for him. Shout out to Josh! Love you babe! 

I plan what posts and videos I am doing only by the week. Planning a few weeks in advance is to much for me and often it changes because life changes. So weekly is good for me. As I complete each item marked on my calendar I check it off. By the end of the week it makes me feel good to have "goals" checked off. This makes me feel accomplished and successful. 

Every day when its dream time I go to my handy desk calendar and see whats on the agenda. The structure works for me and keeps me on track. 

Setting "The Mood" 

Setting the mood and getting the creative juices flowing is important for me. My creativity is all over the place and random! So getting it to be focused on one task can sometimes be challenging.

Coffee has to happen! I usually have had two cups by the time I am done with the first part of my day. Music has to happen! I have a playlist on Spotify of music I sincerely dig. I am currently listening to "alt-J Left Hand Free" its become a recent favorite! Bowser always snuggles on my lap so as silly as it sounds if he's not around something feels off. Sometimes I sit in the office and other times I sit in my living room, it just depends on the mood. 

When it comes to filming videos the moods a little different. Usually the same two cups of coffee happen but instead of a few hours apart, it's back to back! I usually film for about an hour, I do the video 3 times with a variety of intros and outros so I have options. I use natural lighting from my window, so rather than music being a priority the time of day I film is a priority. I recently added a vase of flowers to my background, I love this little touch! Its a good reminder of my "theme" and its something I love that makes me happy.

Just Going For It

Although my week is pretty structured and planned out, my blog post structure cant be. I have a topic for what I will be writing but I don't structure HOW its going to be written. I just go for it. I just type and see what happens.

Sometimes what I start with is not what ends up getting published. As I write the structure happens naturally. After I am done free writing I go back through and edit as needed. Then I go through again to check my grammar which I know isn't perfect, but I try. 

With videos I like to keep it real and authentic. I have tried writing down what I want to say but I feel like it just flows better for me when I just go for it. Sometimes I will have a few bullet points as reminders to bring something up but for me it just works better to let it happen naturally. I like to think of it like I am talking to a group of friends, which is how I want my YouTube channel to feel.

Blogging On The Go

This is essential for me! Even working part time, there isn't enough time to always have a blog post written, edited, and posted in the mornings. When that happens (like today will) I love having SquareSpace on my phone. This means that while I am at work and I take a 5 min baby break to pee or grab some food I can whip out my post and do a quick once over and post it straight from my phone! YAY! 

And that is about it! I am super excited for this week, its gonna be great! 

Much love to all of you! Heres to a kick ass week! 

-Magnolia Rose