HowTo Survive The Seasonal Sniffles!

The season of sickness has officially begun! Its that time of the year where one person passes the sniffles onto the next and it seems to linger around for the next few months.

I had the flu all weekend and Monday passed it to my hubby while my sniffles continued on into this week. This time of the year is rough for sickness and there isn't much you can do to control it but there are a few things you CAN do to make it a little less miserable! 

1. Accept that you are sick! Take it easy! 

If you are like me, being stuck doing nothing sucks even more than being sick! I hate sitting there thinking of everything I have to get done that day but dont have the energy to do.

For example, yesterday I slept for the majority of the morning and ended up not doing much when I woke up. I was so down on myself last night about not sticking to my blog schedule and how disappointing it feels when I dont stick to my goals. My cute hubby reminded me that I am sick and its ok to take a break from things. He also mentioned that yesterday was Monday and I still have the rest of the week to complete what I need to do and stick to my goals! Words of wisdom from that one! 

Its ok to take a break, when you are sick you need to give you body a break. Take this time to read a book, finish a TV series, take a bath, catch up on sleep, or all of the above! I havent had time to sit and pluck my eyebrows for a while so I spent some time to do that. Your body is requesting a break so you need to give it that. 

2. Up Your Vitamin C!

A friend of mine at work mentioned I drink some Emergen-C powder. Its basically flavored Vitamin C that you drink. Giving your body that boost will help it fight the bug! If you dont want to drink your Vitamin C take a Vitamin tablet. 

3. Breathe Easy! 

Not being able to breathe through my nose is so irritating! It seems like no matter how much I blow my nose I just cant get relief! I like to use peppermint essential oil aromatically and topically along the bridge of my nose to help with the clogged up feeling. It helps open up those airways! For some they get bad chest pain when they're sick, in this case apply it topically to your chest! 

4. Chapped Lips Anyone? 

I am assuming that the reason my lips get so chapped when I am sick is because of the amount of tissue/toilet paper that is constantly touching my face. Its just one more irritating thing that comes with being sick. I recently got the "My Favorite Night Balm 8 Hour Treatment" from Bath and Body Works. I was using it at night because thats what its made for, BUT its so freakin' moisturizing that when my lips are as dry as they are I prefer this to regular lip balms when I am sick. 

5. Sleep Easy! 

NyQuil is where its at. I have a hard time sleeping in general but when I am sick it takes my lack of sleep to a whole new level. NyQuil is about the only thing that works for me. If you prefer to go all natural try Lavender essential oil in a diffuser, on your feet, on your pillow etc etc....

6. Throughout The Day!

Along with NyQuil at night I like to take DayQuil during the day, again about the only thing that works for me. If you are prone to headaches I like PastTense Tension blend to help with the heavy clogged headaches I get when I am sick. Like I mentioned in my last blog post I tend to typically stick to toilet paper for my sniffles but being that influenster recently sent me some "facial tissue" I have that on hand in my bag 24/7! 

7. WATER! 

Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water! I prefer to add a little lemon. Lemon is great for sore throats! It also helps detox, and tastes delicious! 

8. Fluffy Socks & Comfy Clothes! 

This might be one of the best parts of being sick. Lounging around in your pjs is great. I am obsessed with fluffy socks and wear them constantly when I am sick! Being wrapped in fluff and warmth makes you feel like your being consistently hugged! Give yourself some love and wear whats comfortable! 

Sending all you sick-o's healing vibes! Share in the comments below any tips and tricks you have for getting through the season of sniffles! 

Much love! 

-Magnolia Rose