Emotional Detox


Yesterday I had a wonderful experience with two of the most beautiful and wonderful people I have the privilege of calling my friends. Days like this day have to be shared!

We went to breakfast at The Blue Plate, WHICH if you haven't been there you need to go! After an amazing breakfast we headed over to Dancing Cranes where they were doing a "Psychic Fair". We each individually met with a lady named Denise. She was absolutely amazing! We cried a little and some adorable moments and then got some tea and talked about life. In the words of Gabe from The Office it was "exquisite"


Denise gave me some of the most amazing advice I have ever in my life. She knew things about myself that I thought I had pretty well hidden and I felt like she spoke more to my soul than to me. Its hard to explain but for anyone wanting advice that will blow your mind, make you cry, and give you guidance Denise is your gal! She is a total goddess and I know I was meant to be at Dancing Cranes that day.

I wont go into to much detail about what was said because it is personal. However I did want to share my detoxing experience that I had afterwords. 

My solar plexus Chakra was really out of balance which was causing my sacral and my root Chakra to also be out of balance. Your solar plexus Chakra is where your self esteem is rooted and I needed an energy detox to get my self esteem back in check. I bought myself some Citrine, Quartz Crystal, and some flowers. Went home and started a bath.

I burned some incense, added 3 drops of bergamot and vetiver essential oil to the bath, and drank lemon essential oil in my water.

I started some music and took a bath with my Citrine and Quartz Crystal. I focused on every negative thought that was getting me down and worked through each one individually. I pictured the Quartz Crystal as a ball of light soaking up all that negative energy and as I visually pulled the negative energy out of my body I said the phrase "I am loved, I am loving, I am loveable".

I don't use stones a lot but I will definitely be using them more often after this experience. It felt like a little heartbeat where ever I put the stone and as I laid there totally relaxed listening to amazing music and crying I pulled out all the negative energy that was built up in my solar plexus.

I had one hell of an emotional detox and passed the fuck out after. I slept really good last night. It was blissful!


I think to often we forget to love ourselves. REMEMBER that YOU are loved, YOU are loving, and YOU are loveable! Buy yourselves some flowers and take care of yourself!

Much love to you!

-Magnolia Rose

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