HELLO! I am excited you are here!

I am a sarcastic, dramatic, positive, compassionate, & creative bud that goes by the name Magnolia Rose. 

I am a "busy body" that digs all things beauty, fashion, health & wellness related. I shoot photography, play with makeup, chat metaphysics & share my loving energy with the world via my blog & YouTube channel.

I have a serious love for yoga, coffee, tarot, rainy days, & flowers.

I believe in love & light. I believe in being true to yourself & living a natural fun loving lifestyle. I believe in the law of attraction, staying positive & counting your blessings.

"Walk the earth with love"


Magnolia Rose has completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One Training with Gabrielle Bernstein. 

-Utah Bridal Magazine.


-Mentioned on Gala Darlings blog for #lovetober. Featured twice, check it out HERE & HERE!